The Firm

The Firm

Multidisciplinary Office

Ibiza Legal Defense is a multidisciplinary firm that brings together a team of highly qualified lawyers, offering a specialization focused on the broad framework of Criminal Law as a whole as well as Civil Law, placing the main focus of attention in the sectors of Real Estate Law, Mortgage Law, Patrimonial, Family and Inheritance, traffic accidents, Banking and Fresh start (second chance mechanism).

The firm, with dual headquarters in both Ibiza and Sabadell, is born from the accumulated experience of fifteen years in criminal litigation throughout the national territory that has been expanding to form a meeting point between several professionals of recognized prestige in the world of law. With a long professional career, the firm is committed to constant effort as a means to obtain the satisfaction of our clients’ interests.

For all these reasons, the firm works closely with Doctors in Law, Economists, Joint Administrators, Prosecutors, Mercantile and Medical Advisors, offering the best integral, rigorous and quality advice to individuals and companies.


Contact with us

We are a team of professionals of the Legal Profession at your service.

Carrer Pere Francès, nº9, despacho 308-B
07800 Ibiza (Illes Balears)
871 02 71 30 // 678 045 088

Carrer del Sol, 167, entlo 4ª
08201 Sabadell (Barcelona)
93 168 76 05  // 630 761 101

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